Data and consent management platform

Manage personal data efficiently

IDKEEP, LuxTrust's digital platform, redesigns the personal data collection and consent sharing processes between business and their customers and employees, fostering a strong relationship based on trust, data privacy and transparency.

Main advantages: digitizes personal data processing for HR professionals, DPOs, administrations; improves customers' and employees' engagement.

IDKEEP: GDPR consent management platform

A turnkey SaaS solution to enable GDPR compliance

IDKEEP is a powerful policy engine that gives the means to companies to collect and manage efficiently, securely and transparently their employees’ and customers' personal data and consent while complying with applicable regulations and GDPR requirements.

IDKEEP is designed to give users full control and visibility over what personal attributes they share, for how long and with whom.

Business powered by trust and data transparency

Discover below what IDKEEP has to offer to businesses and their stakeholders, whether they are employees, customers or business partners.

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Privacy by design

The data is handled taking into account GDRP Privacy by design standards. 

Process automation

Process automation

The data sharing and consent management process becomes digital to ease the administrative burden on companies.

SaaS mode

SaaS mode

IDKEEP is an easy to implement SaaS solution, accessible quickly after contract signature.

User friendly

IDKEEP is easy to use and mobile compatible. Customers and employees can access it remotely. 

100% European solution

100% European

IDKEEP is a European digital solution built in-house by LuxTrust. No data is transferred outside the EU.

IDKEEP: addressing specific HR needs

Facing current HR challenges with IDKEEP

HR departments are dealing with large amounts of sensitive, personal data on a daily basis (employee information, CVs of candidates, etc.). Compliance with the GDPR and local legislation during the entire data lifecycle is mandatory.

IDKEEP is an efficient, intuitive and easy to use platform that helps HR professionals manage the administrative challenges.

Why would you adopt IDKEEP within your company?

Find how IDKEEP can improve your business processes and the life of your employees.

Improves efficiency

Employees’ personal data and consents are collected and stored digitally and available for consultation at any time.

Increases resilience

Easy to set up and customize, IDKEEP increases companies' adaptability to future regulatory requirements.

Enhances transparency

The employees have complete control over the data they are sharing and its recipients. They can update it and revoke their consent at any time.

Saves time

Helps HR professionals keep track and update employees' personal data more easily.

Enables compliance

Companies get the means to collect data and consent from employees while demonstrating compliance with audit trails.

Secure personal data

Data is exchanged in a secure and protected environment using LuxTrust’s authentication solutions. LuxTrust does not have access to the collected data.

Get to know us better
Why working with us?

1. Having built and maintained a nation-wide digital identity scheme in Luxembourg, we completely understand the identity and personal-data related challenges faced by customers and businesses alike.

2. We are here to help you deal with these challenges and foster a data-driven business ecosystem using long-term solutions.

3. We are an eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider. We have the highest level of compliance with EU regulations (eIDAS, PSD2, GDPR and AML) and are accredited as PSF and certified ILNAS. We are thus regularly audited and controlled to offer the highest level of security.

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