Enter the verification code
  • Click on the "Renew my expired certificate" below
  • Enter the code displayed on your screen in the dedicated field
  • Click on "Next"
Select the device associated with the certificate to renew
  • Select the device that is linked to the expired certificate that you want to renew
Insert the "LuxTrust serial number" and the "Challenge"
  • Insert the "LuxTrust serial number" in the dedicated field
  • Enter the code "Challenge" in the corresponding field

You will find these 2 codes in the letter and / or the SMS received during ordering. If you no longer have these codes, please contact our Customer Service Desk on (+352) 24 550 550.

Fill in your personal data related to the certificate
  • Enter the first 3 letters of your first name in the dedicated field
  • Insert your date of birth
  • Click on "Next"
Check the validity of the certificate data
  • Update your email address and mobile phone number, if necessary
Select a payment method
  • Select the payment method: credit card or voucher (the voucher can be provided by your bank or other partner)
Proceed to payment
  • Enter the requested data depending on the chosen payment method
  • Validate
Send the requested documents for validation
  • Open the email containing the order details
  • Print and sign the document
  • Attach the requested documents
  • Send the file to the address indicated

What do you need to renew your expired certificate?

During the renewal process, you will need the items below. Make sure you have them at hand.

  • Your "LuxTrust serial number" and "Challenge" code received by letter or SMS when placing your order. If you no longer have this information, please contact our Customer Service Desk on (+352) 24 550 550
  • Your voucher, if your bank or supplier issued one for you, or your credit card